background COMMERCIAL, television, and film work for kids and young adults

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A talent management company

Casting Directors! If you are a Casting Director or with a Production Company, and you are looking to book minors on your next feature film, television show, commercial, print job, music video, or something else altogether, Elite Kids Talent is your number one source. Please Contact us today!

We are a Los Angeles based Talent Management company that specializes in background work in the Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington DC areas.  We represent children from newborns up to age 18 and we give them the tools they will need to be successful.  Casting Directors and Producers want to be sure that the kids they employ are legal citizens with all the documentation and paperwork that is required by law in that particular state.  Parents want to be sure that their children are not subjected to working conditions that are abusive or illegal.  We have taken the responsibility to be knowledgeable of the various labor laws in each state, to help the parents better understand and equip them with the information they will need, and to make sure that the talent we provide are prepared well in advance in an effort to make every booking a positive experience for everybody.

background COMMERCIAL, television, and film work for kids and young adults

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A talent management company

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